Data migration -Biggest nightmare for companies

Data migration and conversion is a difficult task with any ERP tool. When it comes to Workday, the problem lies with matching your existing data format with that of the application. In this process, a number of issues would be identified that can delay your project:

  1. Incorrect data and/or missing information

2. Duplicated data that needs to be cleaned up

3. Data points that might not be recognized in Workday

Many companies nowadays don’t discuss if they want to adopt cloud technology or not. Their question are more around which are the best cloud based ERP tool and our Gartner report makes it easier for them to chose the best one (Read it as ‘WORKDAY’ 😉 ) and also how to move their existing data from current system to the new system.

Few suggested tricks to make this entire journey of data migration less daunting -

  1. Involve Workday consultant to find any gaps in the existing workflow and processes.They will be able to guide you on what are the issues, how to improve them and how to automate any manual processes.
  2. Mapping of data flow is required as it will help us to decide if data conversion is required or not.
  3. Get your hands on clean data. Most of the times unnecessary data causes errors and destroys your data migration.

It might sound difficult and cumbersome process to get Workday system up and running for your organization, but the system works great after that. Another positive thing is that as compared to other ERP tools in the market, you might face fewer difficulties where you need your technical team to jump in and burn their midnight oil.

….More to follow

Workday Enthusiast ; 6+ years Workday implementation experience ; Workday HCM, Integration, Studio, CCB and CCTPP certified.