Data migration and conversion is a difficult task with any ERP tool. When it comes to Workday, the problem lies with matching your existing data format with that of the application. In this process, a number of issues would be identified that can delay your project:

  1. Incorrect data and/or missing information

2. Duplicated data that needs to be cleaned up

3. Data points that might not be recognized in Workday

Many companies nowadays don’t discuss if they want to adopt cloud technology or not. Their question are more around which are the best cloud based ERP tool and our Gartner…

Workday HCM is one of the leading ERP tool used by many organisations. It has been specially designed to cater almost all size of the businesses and especially companies with multiple locations.

When it comes to Workday deployment, every organization has its own standards. There is an ecosystem of expert consultants from client’s organization and consulting partners who follow a common procedure to deploy Workday applications. We call these set of procedures as ‘Workday Methodology’.

Breaking down each of the steps :

  1. Planning phase — It provides a general awareness of the project scope, structure and deliverables. …

Many times people come and ask me that they want to learn areas in Workday like Integrations, Reports, Studio, Analytics, WCP etc but don’t want to spend time on Workday Core HCM and I often wonder how is that even possible. How can you write a book in French when you don’t know the alphabets. And this is what Workday does, for any of the Workday certifications, it is a pre-requisite to know Workday Core HCM. And maybe that’s the reason why I appreciate Workday as an ERP tool more than its contemporaries.

Well, to understand Workday HCM — Foundation…

Workday is a cloud based ERP (Enterprise Resource Management) software which is specialised in HCM ( Human Capital Management ) and financial management applications.

It delivers an all in one package that is specifically designed for medium to large sized companies. Companies with multi locations can be easily handled because of features like payroll management , time tracking , Human resource management, talent management, data analysis and much more within a single toolkit.

Human Capital Management (HCM) :- It basically comprises of set of practices for managing, recruiting, developing and optimising the human resources of an organisation. It is a…

Megha Srivastava

Workday Enthusiast ; 6+ years Workday implementation experience ; Workday HCM, Integration, Studio, CCB and CCTPP certified.

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